Past Announcements: 

Spirit Day

A message from our President Jeff Moe:

Show your solidarity as an ally to LGBTQ and other gender, relationally, and sexuality-diverse youth by participating in Spirit Day 2016!

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) began the Spirit Day movement in 2010 to challenge homo- and trans-phobic bullying and to celebrate LGBTQ+ youth. The recognized symbol for spirit day is the color purple, which represents Spirit on the historic Pride Flag.

Counselors and their colleagues can participate in Spirit Day by wearing purple on October 20th, and VA-ALGBTIC members can share their Spirit Day stories on our group Facebook page! We want to hear from you, share your story about how you celebrate the Spirit of LGBTQ+ Youth. 

LGBTQ History Month

October is LGBTQ History Month and a time to honor our shared stories. By being a member of our division, you help to create history by affirming the lives of LGBTQ people across the lifespan. Check out the below links to learn more about LGBTQ history and the other communities advancing the causes of gender, sexuality, and relational diversity and inclusion:

GSA Network:


In response to Tennessee Governor Haslam's recent enactment of the SB1556/HB1840 law: 

From the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014):

A.4.b. Personal Values Counselors are aware of—and avoid imposing—their own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Counselors respect the diversity of clients, trainees, and research participants and seek training in areas in which they are at risk of imposing their values onto clients, especially when the counselor’s values are inconsistent with the client’s goals or are discriminatory in nature.” (ACA, 2014, pp. 5)

In solidarity with all gender and sexuality diverse people, including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, GenderQueer, Intersex, Questioning, and Non-Binary people and Allies of these historically and currently marginalized groups, we (the officers and members of the Virginia Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling) affirm that:

  • Acceptance, affirmation, and inclusion of gender and sexual orientation diversity is the standard of care as defined by ethics, cultural competence, scholarship, and the aspirational values of the counseling professions;
  • Counseling and psychotherapy center around the needs of the client, informed by best practice standards;
  •  No counselor has the right to refuse service based solely on their personal values and beliefs as stated by the ACA (2014) Code of Ethics and other counseling professions’ standards of practice;
  • Supporting the resiliency, inherent worth, and strengths of all LGBTQIQ and allied groups through provision of direct counseling as well as social advocacy is the best response to prejudice, institutionalized discrimination, and other forms of oppression;

And, in summation of these principles, counselors do not exclude clients based on "personally held beliefs." VA-ALGBTIC stands with our fellow counselors in Tennessee who are impacted by Governor Haslam's signing of SB1556/HB1840 into law.  We unite with members of the counseling profession and fully support the ACA's ethical mandate to serve ALL clients.

Members, please take a look at the photos in our Gallery page on the co-sponsored professional development event held on March 4, 2016 at Lynchburg College on “Supporting Gender Diverse Youth.”